NAME: Cargooru Connect Suit
TYPE: UX Design role + Group project - Clients: Nokia, MAN
Digital Product School Jan.- Mar.2018
Tools: User Centered Design Methodology, UI Design, Sketch, Personas, Journey Map, Motion Video



Cargooru Connect Suit is a project developed at the Digital Product School Program in Munich. This project was done together with two representatives of MAN and Nokia and two software engineers. The challenge we faced as a team was to track the problem space of “Seamless Cargo Management”.



Seamless Cargo Management is a complex and broad topic. It’s about logistics, transportation, stakeholders…  For that reason, our first challenge was to understand the problem: What is Seamless Cargo Management? What are the problems in this field? What are the current solutions? How could we build a solution within three months in this context? We achieved that by talking to experts and doing field research.

After that, we decided to narrow down the problem frame and focus on the Last Mile Mobility, as we realized most of the problems we discovered came from this last part of the process of the logistics, delivery and transportation line.


    Methodology followed in the project   

Double Diamond – Design Council



    1.1  Discover – User journey   

We spent the first month discovering which were the problems and the needs of the people involved. To achieve that we carried several interviews and we visited Nokia warehouses. By doing that we could came up with a user journey with all the tasks, stakeholders and location involved, and the most important thing, we identified the problematic tasks and pain points. These were the problems we wanted to track and came up with solutions for them.

Pictures from the visit to one of the warehouses


User Journey – Mood board – Pain points


   1.2  Discover – Personas   

We came up with two main Personas and we identify their needs, so we could start drawing a solution for both of them.

Personas. Lucia, the Project Manager & Ivan, the head of the installation team. 

  • Lucia, the project manager who works for Nokia and who is in charge of organizing and keeping track of every installation site. She is also the one who has to solve all the problems that occur while sending material from the different drop of points and warehouses to the installation site.
  • Ivan, from the installation team. His tasks are to drive until the closest warehouse to the site, pick up the material, carry it to the installation site and then and install the site.

Currently, there is almost no interaction between them, there is no exchange of information. If there is a problem while carrying the material or something is missing or delayed Lucia isn’t able to discover it on time, and once she got to know it by calling several people and writing hundreds of emails, it’s already too late.


   2.  Discover – How Might We Question ?   

Once we reached this point of the project, we have a clear idea of all the problems Lucia and Ivan face in their daily work.  In order to came up with a solution we decided to focus on the following How Might We question:

How Might We reduce the number of phone calls involved in the Last Mile Delivery?


   3.  Develop 



By going to visit some warehouses and talking to people involved in the problem we came up with a specific problem space for Nokia. We discovered that they have currently many troubles to manage and control the movement of material among the warehouses, the delivery point and installation sites. Right now, there is no way to track where the materials are of if they left the last Drop of Point on time. The reason for this lack of transparency is that these tasks involved in the Last Mile Mobility are carried by small local companies with low resources which can’t afford digitalize the proceses and tasks as other big logistics companies do. Our solution is based on a web based app for the Project Managers at Nokia and an android app for the installation team who is responsible for the pick up and transportation of material.  This solution is aimed to provide them with a easy way to exchange information and get in touch easily in case it’s needed.

The project manager’s web  app shows an overview of all the open projects, all the sites and their current status, which are constantly updated with the information added by the installation team. Into the Site view they can see all the materials that have to be carried to the site and see if they have been picked up and transport to the site.


  Web app solution for the project manager



The installation team has also his own solution, just by downloading the Cargooru app they can share the status of the project with the project manager, they can scan see in advance which packages have to be picked and scan the labels of them once they have put them into their vehicle.

  Phone app solution for the installation team



The project manager is able to see all this process in real time and notice if something went wrong quite in advance. If a package didn’t arrive to the warehouse, if they forgot to pick up something of if something is delayed. Besides, the project manager and the installation team can contact each other through the app in case they need.


   4.  Deliver    




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