NAME: DKV Universities
TYPE: Group project - Hackathon DKV
Health4Good DKV Zaragoza - Digital Health (7-9 Jul.17)
Tools: Design Thinking, UI Design, Illustrations 


Hakuna Matata is a service designed during the HEALTH4GOOD DKV hackaton, organized by DKV insurances. The aim was to came up with a new digital service (eHealth) to promote healthy habits in the society.

Our team composed by a IT engineer, a psychologist and a designer (It’s me), developed an idea based on the lack of consciousness about health among the young people. In other words, most of the students don’t care about their health and the importance of carrying healthy habits. However, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t care as they suffer from important problems like physical pains due to long time studying, and also psychological problems such as stress. They aren’t aware of all these problems but their lives could turn into a better onces if they could start caring about it.

Our service aims to reach the university students by getting in contact with them in their campuses. A DKV team should introduce the service to them. This service will be based on activities and talks in the campus in order to show the problem to the students and offer solutions and habits to improve their wellness. All these activities will be organized by a group of students, who will get a grant for doing it. The events will be announced by a phone app which also will offer the students the opportunity to keep a track on their progress and also get different virtual prices and a final diploma if they get all of them.

It will be a funny way to get new and healthy habits like doing sports, eating healthier food, being more motivated and being able to face their studies without stress, enjoying more the process and finding time for themselves.

You can see the presentation of the service here (sorry, it’s only available in Spanish by now): PRESENTATION

Mesa de trabajo 5 copia 2

Mesa de trabajo 5 copia 3

Mesa de trabajo 13

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