Portfolio Tag: Product Design

EEG Cap – Final thesis

NAME: EEG Cap – Final thesis TYPE: Product Design – Bitbrain Technologies   Bachelor Thesis May.-Sep.2016 Tools: 3D Max, SolidWorks, Keyshot, Video, Illustrator   DESCRIPCIÓN DEL PROYECTO: El presente proyecto se enmarca en el proceso de lanzamiento de un nuevo producto de BitBrain Technologies, empresa especializada en neurotecnología y neurociencia aplicada. El proyecto, con aplicación […]

Motion capture action

NAME: Motion capture action TYPE: Product Design – Project group Mälardalens University 2014-2015 Tools: Inventor, Prototyping, 3D printer English description: Nowadays, video games and animation films are becoming more and more realistic, not only because of the innovation in hardware and software, but also because of the use of highly realistic animations of humans. Actors […]


NAME: CoBall TYPE: Product Design + Group project University of Zaragoza Course 2015-16 Tools: Prototyping, User testing, Creativity, Electronics Description: CoBall is a product designed to help young or not so young flatmates to improve their life at home. Get on well with your flatmates can be funny! Most of the time, sharing a place can […]

Travel toothbrush

NAME: Travel toothbrush TYPE: Design and development of plastic pieces course University of Zaragoza Course 2015-2016 Tools: SolidWorks, Keyshot Description: The aim of this project is to design a product from the idea until its fabrication in plastic materials. It’s the final project of the Design and development of plastic pieces course offered by the University […]